Our Services

Business Process Services:


We facilitate and run Inbound & Outbound Contact/Call Centre along with Email/Chat Support to help businesses in creating customer delight as a value proposition with eccentric customer care. Efficient Quality & Compliance Wireframe to secure clientele and customer data.

Cataloguing & Ecom Ops Support


We predominantly cater to helping sellers and partner create catalogue. Our expertise is in capturing data from trusted product sources such as Manufacturer site, brand website, reference sites. Help with taxonomy and classification of products. Categorize every product in its corresponding category and sub-category. Capture, edit and correct product images from the source. Once a product is created, we also do audits to clean attributes such as filter values, correctness/accuracy of product categorisation

Small Scale Automation


Our team is agile in understanding customer need, with expertise of data scraping etc. We have build small tools using macros etc. These macros pulling data using open-source tools such as screaming frog as a base and with a little spice of VB coding, data is scraped, sliced & diced in a digestible/readable format. This has been of substantial impact in audits and value additions.